City Lights: How I Learned to Love the City

by Jasper's Cast

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Jasper's Cast's first full-length album. Self-produced and released by their own label, 3 Strings Records.

'City Lights: How I Learned to Love the City' is more than a concept album. It addresses three motifs throughout the album—the dichotomies between city and country, as well as electric and acoustic sounds, and the themes of growth, achievement, and progress. But the album also follows a character who has abandoned his rural life for the city, only to find that it’s not quite all he dreamed it to be. Growing nostalgic for the country, he leaves the city in the second half of the album. Once there, he learns that both settings occupy real places of his heart, and he appreciates his love for both.


released April 19, 2011

All songs written and produced by Jasper's Cast.
Copyright 3 Strings Records, 2011.
Engineering, mixing and mastering by Jackson Floyd
Recorded from January to March 2011 at
E-Scape, Schulenburg TX; Trinity University, San Antonio TX, and Boss Vegas, San Antonio TX

Jasper's Cast is:

Eric Elliott- Vocals; Mountain Dulcimer; Piano; Acoustic Guitar; Hammered Dulcimer

Scott Riggle- Mandolin; Bass, and Acoustic Guitars

Jackson Floyd- Vocals; Resonator, Electric, Acoustic, Bass, and 12-String Guitars; Organ, Hammered Dulcimer, Noise

Zach Brush- Drums; Percussions


Marcus Rubio- Violin on Major Fifth, This House is Not My Home, and St. Valentine's Reel; Saxophone on St. Valentine's Reel
and Mac Collins- Ambiance on Twenty-One Lines



all rights reserved


Jasper's Cast San Antonio, Texas

Combine electric amplification with acoustic bluegrass instruments and you get Jasper's Cast. But don't forget to add some catchy melodies, rich harmonies, and untamed live shows, and then you've got what Jasper's Cast is all about. Give them a listen and come see them sometime. They might just keep you dancing all night. ... more

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Track Name: City Lights
"City Lights"

We were happy in the country
But we had urges to see the city
O the city lights, burning up the night
O the city's scene, has brought me down
Brought me to my knees
We were falling
Track Name: The March
"The March"

We are sailing ever onwards
Always forwards, never backwards
And all of these things they could be just words
If we let them, if we let them
And I ask you God of Progress where've you left us now
Backwards might be forwards in the future somehow
And all the smoke that's in your lungs might start to spot you out
Through this haze all I can see is doubt

We are searching for each other
Always pushing one another
We are learning from our father's mistakes
We are turning this world around now
I don't mind turning back the time again
And maybe someday I can call you my friend
We might be around a little while until this ends
So maybe we can learn to pretend

We are sailing ever onwards
Always forwards never backwards
All of these things they could be just words
If we let them, can't we let them
And I ask you God of Progress why have you left us now
Forwards might be backwards in the future somehow
All the smoke that's in your lungs might start to spot us out
But when the haze has cleared we'll work it out
Track Name: Henry Ford
"Henry Ford"

Please can you help me find a way to better myself?
And I won't throw my life away on anything else.
Track Name: Major Fifth
"Major Fifth"

I'm coming back again
To a place I've never been
All of this surrounding me
Is more than I could ever see
And now it seems as though
All the things I used to know
Have gone away and left me here
All alone and full of fear
I never knew it, till I went away
That it always overwhelmed me at the end of every day
And now I'm thinking, where did they go?
All the things I used to wonder, the things I used to know

I read the Bible and
Found only fictions there
But they're the best I've ever heard
I loved them every single word
I tried to find a friend
But they'd all been born again
Turn away from what I need
I'm thinking they're afraid of me
And now I'm wonderin, what can I do
I'm all tangled up and lonely, I'm torn down and blue
You always told me I might be wrong
But I was caught out running, never thought it'd take so long

And when the minor slips into my life
I look around and know that I'm not all right
Then I hear your voice
And I'm on my way, far away

This world keeps changing, I'll stay away
It'll only take a moment, just a while each day
But you remind me of things I knew
There was never more to anything than what I had with you

And then the minor slips into my life
I look around and know I'm doing fine
I'm on my way
I'll be there someday, far away

They call me major major major major fifth
Track Name: Soda Pop Blues
"Soda Pop Blues"

I had a dollar, the machine wanted two
Now I'm stuck walking around with these, these soda-pop blues
I said hey babe, whatchu trying to prove?
'Cause you know it's no fun with these soda-pop blues

So I went to the corner store, tried to tried to get me some dew
I stumbled in, lady looks up at me and says "what's the matter with you?"
I said hey girl, walk a mile in my shoes
Cause you know it's no fun with these soda-pop blues

Oh there's always a fly for a spider, there's always a drink for you
But I always stay so thirsty no matter what I do
And I said "hey now, there's enough for two"
So c'mon share the love yeah
Track Name: This House is Not My Home
"This House is Not My Home"

Well you know that I'm not too good at goodbyes
And so I'll try to keep this one concise
This I know
That when I go
I won't be looking back oh no
I've sold you everything I own
This house is not my home

I've been good, or at least as good as I can be
And if I could, I'd find a way to keep you company
I hope you find
Somewhere in your mind
A way to keep the time
You know I'm doing fine

But, well that's the way it goes yeah that's the way it goes
I don't believe in angels 'cause I don't believe in ghosts
Everything you tell me, that was yesterday
You won't be seeing me around here anyway
So don't you shoot me down, don't you shoot me down
I'll sell myself to the whole wide world until I'm in the ground
No don't you shoot me down, don't you shoot me down
I'll sell myself to the whole wide world
Track Name: Along the Highway
"Along the Highway"

You always overwhelm me
With things that go unsaid
This mind need rewinding
And you're always a step ahead
I know that if I leave you
I'll need you once again

I filled myself with nothing
Thought I'd find the truth somewhere
But the answers they were running
My fingers through your hair
The lights along the highway
Would slowly guide us there

But I can't live without you
You know how hard I've tried
I'm ready for the city
Now can't we make it right

Cause you know that's my favorite song
Track Name: Twenty-One Lines
"Twenty-One Lines"

I don't believe all of the things I say
All I can do is promise you we're ok
Well we make it up as we go along
A storybook and a lonely song
We'll stay in bed and dream the day away
I like the way you look when you look at me

Say your prayers before you go to bed
Lay down your world, lay down your weary heard
I don't know a whole lot these days
All my plans have gone their ways
I've lost myself but look for you instead
I still don't know what love is but you feel right
Here tonight

I know that I will always believe in you
As for myself, well that's not quite true
I don't know what to say to you
But 21 lines is far to few
I had a thought, I guess it slipped away
Track Name: O, Alcohol
"O, Alcohol"

O alcohol alcohol, take me away
I don't want to be here the rest of my day
And yeah you might kill me but now that's ok
O alcohol alcohol, take me away

O alcohol alcohol, please take my mind
Please take it away so that I just might find
The fruits of my labors instead of just rinds
O alcohol alcohol, please take my mind

Well I drank to the city and I drank to the lights
And I drank this fire whisky till the devil took my side
He said if I keep drinking he'll show me a better life
He burned me with his promise and he opened up my eyes

I can change I can change I can change my ways
I know I can, I can make it through the haze
And if you don't believe me well you know you're not alone
O alcohol alcohol please take me home
Track Name: City Lights, pt. 2
"City Lights, pt. 2"

The first time I saw you you were filled with all the splendor of the city
The lights were all surrounding you to form a golden halo in your hair
The closer that I came to you the more your lights obscured what I was seeing
And I cannot remember ever really glimpsing what was hiding there
Hiding in the city
What was lying there

So maybe I was only feeling tired of feeling lonely when I met you
(We were happy)
Afraid I needed someone to keep the nights from being so long
(In the country)
Now I must confess that I have often held regrets that center 'round you
(But we had urges)
Wondering if without you would my life be caught here reeling so wrong
I was down in the city
I was feeling down

Think I'm going crazy in this crazy world
Where two and two only gets you three
Maybe I was lonely, maybe I was free

But everything is better now that I have finally learned to love the city
(I've learned to love)
Everything is better now that I have finally learned to love this town
(I've learned to love)
One time I was captured and held captive by your simple shining splendor
But now I know I need you and I've found a way to love you somehow
I've learned to love the city
I've learned to love this town